Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Erraid (Isle of Mull)

What a weekend! Left Inverness last weekend for a few days on the Isle of Erraid off the West coast of Mull. The weather forecast for much of Scotland was pretty gloomy and it was looking like we were in danger of the weekend being a bit of a wash out. Happily we were completely wrong! I’ve never been to Mull before and I was blown away by the scenery.. to be honest I think the pictures tell it better than I can.

Traigh Gheal - the view from the campsite

Our campsite beside Traigh Gheal (lit: White Beach)

Argos Pro Action tent - £25 and a complete bargain, light sturdy and very, very good value for money!

The Sound of Erraid

Sunset over Iona

Dan Goodwin new routing on Erraid

Those of you familiar with the works of Robert Louis Stevenson will know that Erraid is the Island that David Balfour is marooned on in ‘Kidnapped’, the outline of the Island also bears a strong resemblance to the map on Treasure Island. Apparently you can walk across the Sound of Erraid at low tide, however we turned up at high tide and it the sea was still a good distance away. The views from the high points on the Island take in Iona, Tiree, Jura and Colonsay. It’s a nature watchers paradise too with Gannets, Shags, Buzzards, Otters, Manx Shearwaters and Sea Eagles all within the flourish of a pair of binoculars.

The intention was to camp, climb and fish, I managed two of those but unfortunately climbing wasn’t to be. I seem to have hit a bit of a mental block when it comes to climbing and the thought of tying in to the rope just made me feel nauseous and utterly terrified. I can’t pin down the reasons for this and it made me feel pretty useless. I’m seriously contemplating selling all my climbing kit but I want to climb! I’m looking back on the photos of the others climbing and I’m gutted that I didn’t manage a single route. I declared at the time that I was done with climbing, but sod it. I’m not giving up and I WILL climb again, I just need to sort my head out!

The cycle stuff is still ongoing, I’ll post a picture of the Courier article when I get a mo’ and I have a loooooong rant about Halfords that I need to air.

The end of a great trip!

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