Thursday, 5 November 2009

Changing Plans - Thanks Stirling University

Well it seems that I'm having to review my plans for next years Cycle Around Scotland AGAIN. It's going to be June at the earliest, late June at that.

My wife studies at Stirling University and due to gross negligence, extreme incompetence and lack of anything that might resemble forward planning they cocked up her final placement. She should have been on placement since June and would have finished last week. However this didn't happen and she has been left high and dry since then. Fortunately they've managed to reschedule things for her and she'll commence her placement in January and should get to graduate on time. This means we'll have to micro manage our family time and I really can't justify swanning off round the country while she's trying to finish a placement. It wouldn't be fair of me at all.

It just means I'll miss what is usually a fairly settled period of weather in Scotland. Mind you if Dave Gorman can complete a marathon cycle around the UK in September then I really shouldn't moan about having to do it in June!