Tuesday, 30 December 2008


20 miles on the bike on Boxing Day started things off. The gears on my currrent bike are shockingly badly indexed and I really need to get that sorted asap, it made the trip a bit more harsh than it needed to be. The route took me from Inverness past Culloden battlefield and the Viaduct. It's 10 miles of almost continous uphill and hard graft, fortunately the wind was behind me most of the way up which helped.....

....However the wind going against me on the way back made life difficult and I ended up pedalling most of the way when I had hoped for an easy cruise back down to Inverness! Oh well, it's not training if it doesn't hurt!

The Complete Route!

Total Mileage: 1535
Total Days Cycling: 19 days (Plus a minimum of 3 rest days)

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Welcome to Cycle Around Scotland!

The plan:

Starting from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands I intend to head East and clockwise round the Scottish coast with the intention of finishing up back in Inverness approximately 3 weeks later. The route will as near as practical stick to the Scottish coast and at my last estimate will total about 1600 miles!

It's currently in the early stages of planning but I've pencilled in Summer 2009 as the time to do this coinciding with the Homecoming Scotland celebrations.


Partly to raise money for charity, partly for a holiday with a difference and partly to see if I can rise to the challenge. It's going to be gruelling, it'll hurt and the Scottish Weather will no doubt do its utmost to make life very difficult.

In the post below you'll see the planned route. It's still in the early stages of planning and still needs to be completed. A certain amount of fiddling with the route will still to be done depending on where we stay for the night and whether we can get any accomodation.

EDIT: Cycle Round Scotland or Cycle Around Scotland? I think the latter sounds better and grammatically more accurate.

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