Wednesday, 4 March 2009


7am this morning:

I get up nice and early after a good night sleep, raring to go and with the intention of doing some situps and a bit of Yoga.

7am and 30 seconds:

I'm lying at the bottom of the stairs in a crumpled heap after slipping on one of the steps and heading bum first to the bottom.


After freaking out my daughter by going a funny colour and muttering to her 'you'd best phone an ambulance, daddy doesn't feel very well' (she went and hid in her room!) I managed to get it together enough to knock on my neighbours door and get a lift up to A&E. The staff at Raigmore were brilliant and I was seen within half an hour and had the attention of a doctor very soon afterwards.

The end result:

A busted toe - the nail is ready to fall off but the doc managed to push it back under the nail bed (grim, really grim) and it should hopefully heal ok.

Bruises and scrapes down my right side. In particular a very sore arse! Lovely.

I ache all over at the moment and I can't see me doing much over the next few days. The Doctor has advised me to go easy on the bike until the toe is healed.

It could have been a lot worse - the stairs are very steep (45 degree angle), made of wood and there's a kitchen unit right at the bottom of them. I'll try and get a photo uploaded at some point.

I'm feeling pretty wiped out at the moment and it feels like all my muscles have taken a serious beating! I'll need to take it pretty easy over the weekend and hopefully get back into things by the beginning of the week.

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