Sunday, 30 August 2009

Dave Gorman - cycling the four Corners

The comedian Dave Gorman will this morning be setting off on his challenge to cycle to all 'four corners' of the UK AND do a gig on each night:

"I'm cycling between Britain's four corners. From the southernmost point of the mainland to the easternmost to the westernmost to the northernmost. If that wasn't hard enough I'm going to be doing a full on one man show each night. I can't help thinking that after 50 or 60 miles in the saddle I should be lying down in a darkened room with a drip feed of carbs and protein."

It's great to see people coming up with different ideas for cycle trips (or challenges!) and whilst part of me thinks 'bugger, by the time I set off in May everyone will be sick of hearing about them' , I reckon that this can only be a good thing for cycling and will encourage more people to get on their bikes.

I sent him a message asking him to let me know if he fancies any company between the Fort Augustus and Inverness leg of his trip. Hopefully he'll use the south road on Loch Ness rather than cycling up the A82 - he'd be taking his life into his hands!

Sod all training for me this week, a combination of laziness and crap weather has meant that I've really done very little. I'm hoping to make amends for this today with a wee jaunt on the Mountain bike between Corrour and Spean Bridge.

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